Rotating Machine Maintenance

Rotating machine maintenance helped reduce costs

An Independent Opinion Saved a Mining Company Six Figures on Their Motor Repair

Why do some mineral mining and processing companies overspend on repairs? Often they feel locked into expensive, vendor based maintenance and repair contracts, however it can be cheaper and faster to get an independent engineering consultant to give you other options. A copper and gold operation in Queensland needed a worn Toshiba Mill Motor repaired and back on site rapidly.


  • Reduced costs by over 60% with independent advice.
  • Managed the scope of repairs to reduce costs and downtime.
  • Used remote management to monitor the repair


machinemonitor® worked with the mining company as their representative and rotating machine maintenance expert. We prepared a specification and sought bids for the overhaul works. A vendor was selected and the machine shipped to their workshop. The machine was dismantled and an opening report submitted to the client. The vendor recommendation was to rewind the stator completely, since 10% of the stator wedges were missing, and there was damage to the grading coat. The lowest quote from the three vendors invited to bid was $258,000.

Our Solution

Using our proprietary repair management and electrical inspection tools, we were able to control the costs and extent of the work required. We broke down a complex job into a sequence of measurable tasks. machinemonitor® inspected the machine, and were able to confidently recommend a partial re-wedge and the application of a grading coat.

Acting as the owner’s representative and their rotating machines expert we used objective evidence to understand the issues and determine the optimum solution for the client. The final quote for our recommended scope was $93,000, with active audits and quality control processes we managed the repairs and rapidly got the machine back to site, on time on budget.

Instead of an overpriced vendor quote the client was able to save a six figure sum

Rotating Machine Maintenance

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