Ensure your carbon brushes function as designed

Carbon brushes are still widely used for current transfer in specific electrical machine applications. Significant maintenance focus is required to ensure carbon brushes function as designed and wear rates are controlled.

BrushMonitor® was developed to give greater visibility on the performance of carbon brushes in electrical machines. The dominant failure mode for forced outage of slipring induction motors has been identified as “flashover” on sliprings due to the presence of carbon contamination. Carbon contamination is a contributor to “flashover” and these events have a direct correlation to wear rates.

BrushMonitor® allows maintenance practitioners to base decisions around carbon wear rates based on objective measurement and scenario planning.

  • Total transparency on current brush lengths
  • Scenario planning capability
  • Wear pattern identification
  • One off set-up
  • Full reporting capability
  • Ability to visualise brush data
  • Instantaneous processing of brush data


Would you like more in depth information of how we have helped our clients manage their brush wear?

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