Critical Motors

Gas Platform Critical Motor Monitoring

Critical Motor MonitoringLocation: Offshore
Client: Woodside
Services: Partial Discharge Analysis, RiskMonitor

This client operates a gas platform in the Timor Sea which has 3 High Voltage induction motors at the facility. A need was identified to understand the condition of the stator windings in the motor. machinemonitor® was engaged to develop a condition monitoring program to meet the clients need. Using online PD testing and our ‘Risk Monitor’ product a program was developed to undertake routine testing.

To reduce the cost & logistics of sending a specialist to site every 6 months for testing, local staff were trained in data collection. This meant once data had been collected and transmitted back to machinemonitor®, a specialist electrical engineering consulting was able to undertake analysis, model risk and publish determinations and a test report all from an office over 2000km’s away.

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