Case 7

Kawerau Tissue Plant Risk Study

case_7Location: New Zealand
Client: Carter Holt Harvey
Service: RiskMonitor

Carter Holt Harvey Kawerau Tissue Plant commissioned machinemonitor® to undertake a remnant life study on their main process refiner motors.

These motors operated on a 24 hours shift and the production of tissue is dependent on their continuous operation. The business required an understanding of the forward reliability of these critical assets given that they had no spares and was facing a 48 week delivery for a replacement motor. machinemonitor® applied its innovative ‘risk modelling’ package to understand the condition of the machines and their failure risk.

The machinemonitor® approach delivered the following outcomes to Carter Holt Harvey

  • A confident understanding that the failure risk on the operating motors was low and an acceptable risk to the business.
  • A move from time based, to condition based maintenance
  • A strategic recovery plan for managing unforseen forced outages
  • Inspection test plan directed at monitoring the predominant failure mechanisms in the machines
  • Progressive risk modelling
  • Vendor linking to facilitate machine recovery
  • Delay of capital expenditure

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