IRIS Qualitrol Release Global Partial Discharge Database Update.

Reprinted from IRMC Proceedings – Orlando June 17

For over 25 years PD users have contributed results to a global database of Partial Discharge (PD) testing using 80pf capacitors for PD detection. This article is a reprint of the database update presented at IRMC in Orlando in June 2017. The database now exceeds 550,000 tests across a range of high voltage machines. Statistical analysis of the database presents a powerful tool for identifying the ranking of individual assets and which of those assets will have visual evidence of developing problems in their stator insulation system. (Generally those above the 90th Percentile in a particular voltage class). Read more and learn more about your critical HV Machines by benchmarking against the database population.

You can read the full Partial Discharge Summary Benchmark Data report here

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