Covid 19

MM Group COVID-19 Response Statement

A letter from the CEO-

I write to convey the MM Group response to the Global Pandemic which has beset us all. We understand the importance of keeping our staff, clients and wider stakeholders safe and healthy. To ensure this we have put into place controls to ensure any risk of exposure to coronavirus is minimised. These controls include.

  • Social distancing
  • We have initiated non-contact protocol for handling of goods and equipment, which is done with additional PPE, such as gloves.
  • All goods and equipment are subject to additional cleaning routines both inbound and outbound.
  • We have suspended all routine customer site meetings until further notice and replaced them with phone and online conferences instead.
  • Revised travel guidelines – unnecessary travel cancelled, taking private transport where available
  • We have asked employees who can work remote to do so when possible.
  • Our team is using health authorities’ recommendations regarding hand washing health, and we are actively cleaning all equipment and commonly accessed spaces like reception areas, counters and doors.
  • Monitoring government guidelines, as they break, to ensure we are aware of any new restrictions as early as possible to plan as early and effectively as possible

In addition to the above, in the event we are requested by a customer to deploy to site during a forced outage, or for essential inspections, we are amending our business processes and engineering procedures to include the controls listed above.

We also understand the importance to your business of keeping critical electrical assets operating. We will continue to offer essential services to assist you in achieving reliability of your electrical assets during this emergency, Including:

  • Remote maintenance mentoring and support (email, teleconferencing, Webex® and the like)
  • Webcast inspection procedures
  • Analysis support

We emphasise our commitment to you and we will ensure we are available to assist you to minimise risks and reduce unnecessary expenditure

I thank you for your support in the past and look forward to supporting you during this difficult time

Best Regards

Andriy Kotykhov
Chief Executive Officer