Oil & Gas

With the extraction of oil & gas resources in such varied locations and harsh environmental conditions the industry faces great challenges maintaining assets whilst maximising productivity.

We work closely with our clients to change the way they think about condition monitoring by giving them the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions on their assets. We understand the need to maximise productivity gains, while meeting safety and environmental concerns.

Do you have a condition monitoring or testing program for you electrical assets?

We can work with you in customising a testing program targeted and optimised for your electrical assets.

Do you know the true condition of your electrical assets?

We can show you the value of your testing program and turn your data into knowledge. Keep track of maintenance events and view risk benchmarking of your entire asset fleet with our proprietary web based application – RiskMonitor. Read More

Are you putting off a generator overhaul to avoid logistical headaches and extended outages?

You don’t need to have your generators taken offsite for overhauls. Our specialist team can carry out insitu generator overhauls with a typical turn around of 5-10 days, there is no need for extensive downtime and logistics costs are eliminated entirely. Read More

Do you have machines in hazardous and hard to access areas?

Machines in difficult or dangerous to access areas don’t have to be a headache. We can install an online monitoring device into the switchboard which will give you a clear insight into the health of your machine in real time direct to your desktop. Read More

Our specialist engineer support includes:

Design Review, Failure Investigations, Electrical asset trouble shooting, Engineering investigations, Test Services, Electrical Inspection services