Our Products

We believe in providing you with industry leading, innovative monitoring products. Not only can we offer our proprietary web based applications but we also have strong relationships with a small number of suppliers and we only offer products that assist in managing the reliability of your assets.

Proprietary Web Applications

We have three unique web-based applications that ensure you can manage and monitor your assets through their entire life cycle.


RiskMonitor allows you to track the maintenance history and failure risks of your entire asset population.


Track your offsite asset repairs using RepairMonitor, keep all your data in one place an ensure vendor workshops work to your timeframe.


Always know the condition of your brushes. Use the inbuilt algorithms in BrushMonitor to accurately predict your brush length and plan shutdowns around it.


GE Bently Nevada are renowned for their innovative condition monitoring instrumentation and in 2013 we became the Australasian Re-sellers for the AnomAlert online monitoring unit.

IRIS Power

IRIS Power provides high-quality products to improve maintenance capabilities for large motors and generators and are used by power utilities and heavy industries throughout the world. We have been the sole distributor for IRIS Power products in the Australasian region for the past 15 years and believe in the value these products can bring to our clients.


Environment One (E/One) is based in Niskayuna, New York and we are distributors for their ‘Utility Systems’ line of products. These products have been developed to detect and monitor sub micron particles in the assets of power utilities.