In all areas of manufacturing there are business critical machines that if they fail can cause significant impact on production. We have experience across many different types of manufacturing and can bring value into your business.

When equipment fails costs are incurred through:

  • lost profit,
  • the cost of the equipment repair,
  • the fixed and variable operating costs lost during the equipment downtime
  • potential health & safety risks
  • consequential costs that reverberate and surge through the business.

We can work with you to reduce the risk of failure and maximise production by understanding the true condition of your machines. We give you the knowledge to make informed decisions based on objective evidence to achieve your business goals.

Do you have a documented maintenance strategy?

We can assist your business by delivering customised strategies to keep your asset maintenance on track. Reduce your unplanned downtime and increase your productivity.

Do you understand the true condition of your machines?

We can show you the value of your testing program and turn your data into knowledge. Keep track of maintenance events and view risk benchmarking of your entire asset fleet with our proprietary web based application – RiskMonitor. Read More

Would you prefer "on-condition" maintenance rather than time based maintenance?

With pressure to reduce maintenance budget and increase production yield, traditional time based/breakdown maintenance is a thing of the past. The future lies in “on condition” maintenance to effectively manage the reliability of your assets whilst working within business budget constraints. Read More

Do you have a repair management strategy?

Are you planning a repair of a critical motor? We can provide repair specifications and assist with the repair tender process. Delivering your machine back to site on time, on budget, we make sure vendor workshops don’t “gold plate” your repairs. Read More

Are you having repeated motor failures?

Do you have that one machine that never plays by the rules? We can work with you in troubleshooting machine issue and if required carry out a Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

Do you have motors in hazardous and hard to access areas?

Motors in hazardous or hard to access areas don’t have to be a headache. We can install an online monitoring device into the switchboard which will give you a clear insight into the health of your machine in real time direct to your desktop. Read More

Our specialist engineer support includes:

Design Review, Electrical testing, Failure investigations, Electrical asset trouble shooting, Engineering audits, Inspection services, Remnant life studies