Achieve savings of up to 40% on off-site repairs

RepairMonitor® provides a framework for the repair process and manages the dialogue between client and vendor.

This is achieved by collection and storage of the information required at each stage of the repair. Emails are also sent to the client’s site repair manager or the vendor whenever their involvement is required.

Every repair using the RepairMonitor® system is monitored and reviewed by a machinemonitor® machines expert who will ensure compliance to standards and your specifications.

We give your business total control of off-site repairs by providing independent repair management services:

  • Technical review
  • Overseeing subcontractor performance
  • Work verification against specification and standards
  • Work progress monitoring against milestones
  • QA surveillance
  • Witness testing

Our studies have shown that savings of up to 40% can be achieved on off-site equipment repairs by instituting simple engineering controls.