Giving visibility on the “true condition” of your assets

Utilising a web based proprietary platform, RiskMonitor® allows you to manage your electrical rotating assets from any web connected computer in the world.

Having a centralised location for all your asset data allows powerful bench-marking of key condition indicators across your site or company wide. See where your emerging problems are and put in place measures to act before your assets run to failure.

Follow your individual asset’s life cycle from specification design to installation and commissioning through routine maintenance and eventual refurbishment or decommissioning.


  • Store all your asset data in one centralised location
  • Rank your assets by risk – focus your maintenance where it is needed
  • Access your data when and where you need it


  • Life cycle “Business Critical” rotating electrical machine management tool
  • Stores asset design, operational, maintenance and test data against individual items of plant
  • Benchmarks machines on risk
  • Displays failure mechanism matrices for individual assets allowing targeted and effective maintenance strategies
  • Expert peer review for each machine
  • “On-condition” Maintenance optimisation tool
  • Turns your data into information