Our Services

We provide expert independent services to companies across Australasia covering assets from power generation, predictive maintenance through to manufacturing and everything in between. We act as your strategic partner bringing asset experts directly into your business.

Engineering Consulting

Our specialist Electrical Engineering Consultants can tailor inspection plans and maintenance specifications to your business and provide consulting services to roll these out across your business units. We can even assist in training your own personnel in applying our detailed, easy to use inspection procedures and provide on-going peer review support.

Electrical Testing

We can provide extensive electrical testing and inspection services using our own state-of-the-art test equipment and our inspection and test procedures that are part of our ISO Quality System.

Commissioning Services

Our specialist engineers have many year’s of practical experience in the commissioning of motors and generators and can bring their expertise directly into your business. Appropriate installation and commissioning are vital to the long term reliability and performance of your asset.

Generator Services

Generator overhauls can be a drain on budgets with the combined costs of lost production, transporting the generator and the overhaul itself being major contributors

Transformer Services

Through our sister company, TxMonitor we can help you to understand the true condition of your stationary assets by providing high level transformer inspection, testing and consulting services along with oil analysis in the NATA accredited Oil Laboratory.

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A strategic partner to provide life cycle management for plant owners and operators, assisting them to build competitive advantage.